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August 13, 2012
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Josh was just coming back from watching the 14th movie Pokemon Black, or White, Victini and Zekrom, or Reshrim. After watching the movie. Josh had heard about the wifi Mysterious gift. The mysterious gift was going to give the gamer Victini. Excited about this. Josh turns on his Ds and put's his Pokemon Black game in and begins to play it. Josh then get's to the Wifi and goes to the mysterious gift. But when he did. A strange light came from his Ds. Josh was then blind. The Ds stop glowing. Josh begins to feel weird as his body begins to change. Josh's body begins to grow yellow fur. His ears then becomes large and pointed. His eyes then becomes large as they turn blue. His face then begins to push out into his new muzzle. His arms and legs then becomes bulbous. He then begins to shrink a bit. His hands then becomes three fingered and his toes become two toed. His ears, crest that appears on his body, and extremities were all orange. Two winglike tails then appears on his body. Josh's manhood then goes into his body as he now had a vigina and other female parts. A few changes later and Josh was now a female Victini. Josh, who is now call Jade, looks at her new body and she couldn't believe she was a female Victini. She looks around and see's that she wasn't at her home anymore. A male Victini came up to her and told Jade that he was the one who trigger her transformation into a female Victini. He told Jade that he was lonely and wanted a mate for himself. Jade begins to undertsand and decided to be the male Victini's mate. Jade and the male Victini then kiss and fly's into the forest together as Jade didn't think about her male human life again and lives happily as a female Victini and with her new mate as well.
A request for Josh7890.
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Well that was unexpected hehe, My dream is to be a Victini xD
jade: also i might dye my top fur green (she has the same personality as her male side
Jade: to see the pic for that go to photo bucket and Tyler amber the victini it's for rp outside of da
jade: thanks dogman i really enjoy to fanfics it inspired me to make some
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