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July 22, 2011
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Tristen was hiding in the bushes and was waiting for his rival, Blake, to come near him. Blake was walking through the forest and was enjoying his life as a pokemon trainer. It was his first day as a pokemon trainer as he choose Chimchar, from profeser Rowan, as his starter pokemon. Blake didn't know that Tristen was hiding in the forest, waiting for him, to come where he was. Tristen saw Blake coming and got his serum, that will paralyzed Blake, as he shoots it at Blake. Blake felt the serum enter his body and he was paralyzed from head to toe. He was unable to move. Tristen then comes out of his hidding, with a shot in his hand, and got near Blake. "Hello Blake it's been a long time. I've been waiting to do this to you ever since we attend pokemon school. Now's my chance to take my revenge against you. Tristen then enjects the shot into Blake. Blake then didn't felt paralyzed as he felt pain instead. Blake then black out. A few hours later. Blake begins to wake up as he lifts himself up. He then looks at the shot that Tristen gave him. "What's up with Tristen? What did I ever do to him?" said Blake. Blake then felt pain in his whole body as he begins to transform into a pokemon. First his body begins to grow blue fur. His hands and feet then turns into his new paws. Tan fur then appear on his chest. Three white spikes then appear on his handpaws and on his chest. His face then pushes out into his new muzzle. A black mask then appears around his eyes. His eyes then turns red. His thighs then changes to look like short blue shorts. A tail then comes out from his behind. Blake then felt the transformation was done. But then he felt his manhood begins to disappear into his body. Blake then knew that he was a female Lucario now. Blake looks at his new body and felt excited. Blake, now Belle then runs off into the forest to start her new life. A few years later. Belle had met a male Lucario and the two of them fell in love. Belle then gave birth to two male Riolu's and two female Riolu's. Belle felt happy with her new life.
A story request to SuperWhiteBlade.
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Lolololololololololol.......... nice story. the first word I saw was Tristen, not far from my name. It end in an
can i have a request
well can i get a story of my character Nitro turning into a female lugia ?
awesome ^^

Nitro is a fan character of the game sonic by the way, just saying
hmm cute
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